Plywood desk with rounded corners and legs

OK, so here is the problem: My wife and I suddenly have to work from home. This wasn’t even an option before and with an apartment of five bedrooms and four kids we actually don*t have a room for it. Only option: our bedroom. With all the chaos that comes with a bunch of kids, we have tried to keep our bedroom as tidy as possible. The idea that we would have to turn this room into an office was a little nightmare for me. So I decided: If we put a desk in there, it should be two things:

  1. It should look really nice and incorporate some design elements that will make it seem like it was only built for this room.
  2. Everything that is on the desk while we work needs to go into drawers in the evening, so that the bedroom becomes a bedroom again.

The solution: this plywood desk with flat but very large drawers and rounded feet that take up a shape already existent in our room.

Our house is insulated with straw-bales and the inside is plastered with clay. All the corners of the clay plastering are rounded. So I measured the radius of these corners and used that as the basis for the design.

Here is a video about the process:

Process on Instructables.